Quality Assurance Supply Chain

Consumers and clients are familiar with Conserve Italia's high quality thanks to prestigious brands such as: Valfrutta, Cirio, Yoga, Derby Blue and Juver. This is the result of a combination of elements and processes that have been developed to ensure that the products arrive from the field to the consumers table fresh.


The quality of the produce (fruit, vegetables, tomatoes and sweet corn) is guaranteed thanks to the strict selection of varieties which are chosen according to cultivation area and agricultural farming techniques which also include specific harvesting methods. Samples are chosen and monitored with more than one aim in mind; to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality and to maintain constant and consistent product characteristics in terms of taste, vitamins, mineral content etc. Thereby ensuring a perfect product and your satisfaction.

The cultivation, harvesting, and transformation processes are all implemented according to rigorous quality control procedures which are managed on a daily basis by agronomists and laboratory technicians; all part of Conserve Italia's integrated Quality Assurance approach.  

Practically all the produce is supplied by member growers, with very few exceptions such as pineapple and grapefruit. This guarantees their origin and control.

The complementary produce, such as pineapple and grapefruit, which are sourced externally, also have rigorous product standards which Conserve Italia guarantee using specific product purchasing standards.