Production Planning

The activities of the Preserved food industry are predominantly seasonal. In a few months the products are seeded, cultivated, harvested and processed into all of the different finished products that are supplied to the market the following year. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of produce are harvested and processed in the space of approximately 30-40 days thanks to an integrated organisational process.

Every year Conserve Italia processes over 455,000 tonnes of produce (14,000 hectares); fruit, vegetables and tomatoes which are cultivated by its farmer members.

The produce varieties are selected according to specific parameters (resistance to disease, the degree of maturity, organic characteristics and nutritional values), which ensure their suitability for the transformation process. These parameters are closely monitored when choosing the agricultural farming areas and when planning yields.




The planning process is a key factor in determining the moment to seed (the vegetables) and to harvest. This final phase is closely monitored and planned to ensure that the produce is processed at the ideal point of maturity.
This activity is managed directly by Conserve Italia and the entire harvesting and production process is carried out in a matter of a few hours.