Press release

VALFRUTTA talks about the Italian supply chain with a campaign on TV and radio

Ready sauces, CIRIO presents the first range with 100% Italian baby plum tomatoes

CIRIO is reconfirmed as one of the partners of the new edition of MasterChef Italia

VALFRUTTA Frutta e Vai! Choco: the range for cafés is extended with peanuts covered with dark chocolate and coconut cubes

CONSERVE ITALIA and Mercitalia: common goal, to develop rail freight transport

CONSERVE ITALIA, green light for the 2020-21 financial statements. Sales penalized by the effects of Covid

YOGA and BITTER SALFA partner of the Mokador Experience Academy

YOGA AQ Mirtillo (blueberry): taste and well-being for the vending sector

Pizza Challenge, the TV challenge stops in the Marche region: CIRIO Alta Cucina is confirmed as the official tomato

New life for waste, CONSERVE ITALIA recovers 50.000 tons per year

At Cibus fair CONSERVE ITALIA's commitment to innovation and sustainable supply chain

Tomato, good performance in Maremma: CONSERVE ITALIA aims to reach 74.000 tons

YOGA juices are back in communication with a new commercial for Optimum Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti (without added sugar) range

YOGA Optimum, new eco-sustainable brik for the vending sector

Tomato, CONSERVE ITALIA ready to hire over 1.300 seasonal workers

Horeca, CONSERVE ITALIA supports the reopening with “Progetto Difesa” (Defense Project)

YOGA Centrifugati also arrive in cafés: fruit, vegetables and spices for a well-being to drink

Tomato, CONSERVE ITALIA guarantees continuity to the former O.P.O.E. plant

DERBY BLUE bets on the reopening of cafés: here is the new fruit juice with apple kiwi flavor

CIRIO Alta Cucina celebrates the best professionals Lady Chefs

Tuscan tomato, CONSERVE ITALIA: an all-time high campaign is expected

Two new products by YOGA for the reopening of the cafés: here are the 100% fruit juices with PGI peach and pear

VALFRUTTA Difesa: Vitamins and fruit, extra protection for the immune system

Sustainability, 50% of CONSERVE ITALIA's European exports travel by train

CONSERVE ITALIA pays homage to its history: CIRIO, YOGA, DERBY and JOLLY registered in the special register of historical brands of national interest

VALFRUTTA Cotti a Vapore (steamed vegetables) are enriched with a new product, Italian edamame soy is delivered

CIRIO tomato is not afraid of Brexit: sales grow in 2020 in the United Kingdom, where it is confirmed as the top Italian brand

Tomato, CONSERVE ITALIA aims to increase the number of associated farmers in Salento (Apulia)

New YOGA Optimum 1000 Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti (without added sugars)

VALFRUTTA Buonmix: steamed sweet corn fantasy immediately ready

VALFRUTTA, new eco-sustainable brik for fruit juices in the vending channel

VALFRUTTA presents the new range of canned fruit without added sugar

VALFRUTTA, the discounts come with fruit and vegetables for Cotti a Vapore, sweet corn and Frullati Veggie

Sustainable agriculture, the commitment of CONSERVE ITALIA: more technology for the associated producers and a model to measure the footprint of products

VALFRUTTA is back in advertising with a campaign with the cliam "There is Italy inside"

CIRIO confirmed as the official tomato in the kitchen of MasterChef Italia

Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti (without added sugar), the new range of JOLLY COLOMBANI fruit drinks

VALFRUTTA delivers the 100% Italian organic tomato juice: a new product for the organic range for cafés

CIRIO Alta Cucina Datterini Gialli (yellow baby plum tomatoes): the sweetest color for chefs and pizza makers

VALFRUTTA, the new "Triangolino d'Oro" competition has started

BITTER SALFA, CIRIO and DERBY BLUE protagonists at the 2020 Bologna Cocktail Week

Sustainability, 50% recycled plastic in bottles and more paper in briks: this is how CONSERVE ITALIA continues to reduce the impact on the environment

Eco-sustainable packaging for fruit juices: CONSERVE ITALIA presents the green innovations of the plant in Barbiano to local institutions

DERBY BLUE Zero, fruit is drunk in tetra brik even for on-the-go consumption

JOLLY COLOMBANI presents the new 200 ml tetra crystal brik even more eco-sustainable

VALFRUTTA Granchef, news for pizza makers. Here is the Chopped tomatoes from Peeled tomatoes from Salento (Apulia)

Products for aperitifs: here are the single-serving packs of FOODBAR range by CONSERVE ITALIA

Tomato, Minister Bellanova visits the CONSERVE ITALIA plant in Mesagne:

YOGA, eco-friendly packaging for Yotea: new 360 ml bottle with 50% recycled plastic

Up to 500,000 Euros in support of the best innovation talents, the first call for ideas of the Agrofood BIC accelerator is launched

DERBY BLUE Freezer changes its look for vending and horeca sectors: new 360 ml bottle with 50% of recycled plastic

CONSERVE ITALIA, the sweetcorn harvest begins. Cultivated areas increased by 6%

Pizza Challenge, the new video format for pizzerias: CIRIO Alta Cucina protagonist in the challenge to the last slice

CIRIO Le Selezioni presents Datterini di Sicilia (baby plum tomatoes from Sicily), all the sweetness and naturalness of a unique land

YOGA, the taste of loving the planet: more sustainable packaging for juices

CONSERVE ITALIA, the peas harvest starts in compliance with anti-Covid provisions

CONSERVE ITALIA, the plant in Mesagne illuminated with the Italian flag

Cafes and restaurants, the commitment of CONSERVE ITALIA: "New projects for the recovery of the HoReCa sector"

VALFRUTTA Kit Balance: fruit and vegetable smoothie, protein snack and dried fruit in a single kit, for a balanced and tasty break

CONSERVE ITALIA, the plant in Pomposa illuminated with Italian flag

CONSERVE ITALIA, the plant in Albinia illuminated with the Italian flag

Coronavirus emergency, extraordinary donation of CONSERVE ITALIA to Banco Alimentare

The Italian flag on the facades of the plants of CONSERVE ITALIA in Romagna

Tomato, CONSERVE ITALIA studies new varieties to face climate change

Sustainability, CONSERVE ITALIA certifies the environmental impact of its products

CONSERVE ITALIA bets on precision farming: more profitability for farms and lower environmental impact