D.LGS. 231 – Code of Conduct

The Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/01 governs the administrative responsibility of companies. In keeping with the objectives and provisions set forth by this Decree, on 3 July, 2009, the Board of Directors of Conserve Italia approved and implemented the Code of Conduct of the company, which will be followed by the adoption of an Organisation, Management and Control Model.
The Code of Conduct can be defined as the ‘Charter’ of the company’s rights and obligations that, as the rules and values upon which Conserve Italia want to base their business are specified, sets the ethical, social and objective responsibility of the ‘stakeholders’ (corporate bodies, shareholders, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, customers, Public Administration, and the like) towards Conserve Italia and vice versa, in terms of both general principles and expected behaviour.
The Code of Conduct aims at defining the company’s basic conduct principles, which are the pillars resting on the solid foundations of observance of the law, honesty and transparency. Other essential general principles are completeness and transparency of information, honesty in company management, appreciation of shareholders’ participation, quality and safety of products, and responsibility towards society and the environment.

The Code of Conduct consists of:
•    the general principles governing relations with stakeholders, which determine the reference values for judging Conserve Italia's activities;
•    the criteria of conduct in relation to each category of stakeholders, which generate the specific guidelines and standards that Conserve Italia and its collaborators are required to follow in order to comply with the general principles and to prevent the risk of unethical behaviour;
•    the implementation procedures, which describe the system of control to ensure the observance of the Code of Conduct and its improvement.