Conserve Italia directly manages eight plants in Italy, six in Emilia-Romagna, one in Tuscany and one in Apulia. There are four other plants in Europe, twoin France (managed by Conserves France) and one in Spain (managed by Juver Alimentación S.L.U.).
The plant at Pomposa in Ferrara, which was built between 2002-2004 has an overall surface area of 440,000 sq.m. and a production capacity for the processing of over 350,000 tonnes of raw materials (tomatoes, vegetables and fruit). The plant specialises in processing of chopped, sieved and concentrated tomatoes, preserved fruit and vegetables. The production packing lines include cans, glass jars, tetra brik, tetra recart and bag in boxes with robotic technology.
The plants of Barbiano di Cotignola and Massa Lombarda (RA) are for processing fruit juices, nectars and fruit based drinks production. The Alseno (PC) plant specialises in vegetables and sweet corn processing.
The plants in Ravarino (MO), Albinia (GR), Mesagne (BR) and Dodici Morelli (FE) are dedicated to the production of tomato based products (chopped, sieved, concentrates and peeled).
As regards to the 2 plants in France: Saint Sylvestre, preserved vegetables and sweet corn and Tarascon, tomato based products, sauces, ethnic specialities and ready meals.
The Juver plant, located in Churra near Murcia, produces fruit juices.
Conserve Italia Group plants process about 600,000 tonnes of raw materials every year.