To be a leader company in Europe in the sector of preserved foods

to achieve the highest value on fruit and vegetables supplied by associated farmers and give to consumers, thanks to food chain control and own brands reliability, guarantees on quality and food safety


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Conserve Italia: one of the largest food companies operating in Europe.

C'è l'Italia dentro

Istituzionale valfrutta

Valfrutta is proud of the 100% owned Italian supply chain of products delivered from seeds to tables, which enables provide Italian consumers with fresh and genuine goods since  more than 40 years.

Valfrutta, Alla Scoperta del Triangolino d'Oro

IcoVideo Triangolini 2023

The commercial of the new Valfrutta Triangolini contest, with prizes for children.

Cirio, advertising campaign 2024

cirio 2024 Elio e le Storie Tese

New Cirio advert: La Terra dei Pomodori (The Land of Tomatoes)

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Logo Cirio 1856 2021


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yoga saluti dalla romagna

Greetings from Romagna, the new Limited Edition of YOGA for bars

With stops in eight cities, this immersive journey celebrates the brand's strong connection to its homeland and production of excellence, symbolising entire communities. Introducing Yoga/ Limited Edition Saluti dalla Romagna, the new summer 2024 nectarine peach-flavoured product for bars in Romagna and the Bologna metropolitan area.

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New addition to the COTTI A VAPORE range: freshly processed Italian Edamame soya

Valfrutta, a leading brand in the vegetable preserves market, introduces Italian Edamame soybeans to its COTTI A VAPORE line. This new offering reflects Valfrutta's commitment to meeting the needs of modern consumers who increasingly choose healthy and natural foods. Valfrutta's farmer members cultivate these Edamame soybeans in Italy with passion and respect for the environment. The production follows strict quality standards and ensures complete traceability from seed to table. Harvested at the peak of freshness, these soybeans are processed immediately to guarantee a healthy and delicious product.

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Yoga 1 litro new

YOGA revolutionises the shape and image of its 1-litre range

YOGA, a brand that throughout its history has earned a central place in consumers' minds as a synonym for fruit juice, now presents itself in a new format with 50% recycled plastic and more ergonomic lines for its three ranges: Classic, No Added Sugar, and 100% Fruit. This fresh look presents a more appealing and easily recognisable image, with a prominently displayed logo on a red background, where the fruit emerges as the true star, also thanks to the transparency of the pack, which remains a distinctive feature.

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Cluster OptSZA Fase1 fronte Pesca-min Super Mario

YOGA OPTIMUM and SUPER MARIO together for a fruit and fun-filled promotion

For all those who love fresh fruit and fun, Yoga is pleased to announce an unmissable new promotion involving the premium Yoga ranges popular with children and adults alike: Yoga Optimum and Yoga Optimum No Added Sugar in 200 ml cartons. Until February 2025 the aim will be to guarantee not only flavour but also a heavy dose of fun thanks to Super Mario and his friends.

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Yoga Ace color

YOGA ACE COLOR, fruit and vitamins for the whole family

Allying the typical flavours and goodness of Yoga with the focus on nature that only Yoga is able to guarantee, this wholesome new range for the entire family is an original combination of the tastiest fruit and the properties of vitamins A, C and E. Yoga ACE Color, in 1 litre Tetra Gemina cartons, is available in four original blends just waiting to be discovered. Refreshing, thirst-quenching and original flavours, ideal at any time of day because they combine the freshness and vitamins of ACE with a fruit: orange, pomegranate, pineapple and blood orange.

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Mockup.PESCA-3 4

ALL MY CITIES. The new collection of Yoga juices in 125 ml glass bottles to celebrate the best of Italy

To celebrate Yoga's standing as an historic brand of national interest, the Yoga Optimum line of fruit juices in 125 ml glass bottles is promoting "Tutte mie le città" ('All My Cities'), a collection that takes you on a tour of Italy through 107 iconic and colourful illustrated bottle tops, one for each Italian provincial city

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Frullato proteico

VALFRUTTA PROTEIN SMOOTHIE, new recipe with more vegetable protein: 40 grams per litre

Valfrutta launches a new Protein Smoothie recipe, doubling the protein content. Composed of 97% fruit combined with 40 g/litre of vegetable protein, derived from wheat processed in Italy with respect for the environment, it’s ideal for breakfast or as a flavourful, natural snack appropriate for the whole family because it is made from healthy ingredients and produced with the utmost care, without added sugar and without preservatives or colourings. The high fruit content combines perfectly with the Hazelnut, Oat and Almond that characterize the three varieties, with a fullness of flavour and delicacy of aroma that will win you over from the first sip.

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Immagine di gruppo Passate Cirio 700g

CIRIO, a new image for the tomato purees. A product as transparent as our supply chain

CIRIO, the specialist in 100% Italian tomatoes since 1856, has a new image, beginning the year by revamping the graphic concept of its range of tomato purées. The key idea gets right to the heart of the brand: promoting the excellence of the 100% Italian tomatoes produced by the CIRIO agricultural supply chain, with a transparent label which lets the product, even more at the centre of attention, do the talking. It is no coincidence that the payoff chosen thus reads: "If you're good, it shows".

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Zuppe e vellutate

New ready meals: VALFRUTTA Steamed Soups and Purées

Valfrutta, a leading brand in the ready meals market, is proud to present its new range of VALFRUTTA Steamed Soups and Purées. Prepared with great attention to taste and the simplicity of the ingredients, they bring out the goodness of the natural ingredients and the authentic flavours of traditional recipes. They are 100% plant-base, with quality legumes and vegetables, without preservatives and immediately ready to eat. The natural and genuine flavour of the vegetables and the 100% plant-based ingredients are maintained through a delicate steaming process.

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Derby Blue ZERO: a promise of goodness and wellness for the Planet, too

Derby Blue launches Derby Blue ZERO, a new range of three formats and six flavours in low-calorie juice boxes using carbon-neutral cardboard packaging. This out-of-the-ordinary brand aims to 100% meet the demands and needs of young, modern and creative consumers, always looking out for their own wellbeing and that of the planet.

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