To be a leader company in Europe in the sector of preserved foods

to achieve the highest value on fruit and vegetables supplied by associated farmers and give to consumers, thanks to food chain control and own brands reliability, guarantees on quality and food safety


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Conserve Italia: one of the largest food companies operating in Europe.

C'è l'Italia dentro

Istituzionale valfrutta

Valfrutta is proud of the 100% owned Italian supply chain of products delivered from seeds to tables, which enables provide Italian consumers with fresh and genuine goods since  more than 40 years.

Valfrutta, advertising campaign 2018

I triangolini spot

The Triangolini Valfrutta (the little triangles) come back on TV.

Cirio, advertising campaign 2017


New Cirio commercial adv of the director Ferzan Özpetek.

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Valfrutta BIO

Italian Peas and Sweetcorn added to the Valfrutta BIO range

Valfrutta has expanded the range of vegetable products with the launch of the BIO Peas and BIO Sweetcorn products. Produced only in Italy by agricultural cooperatives associated with Valfrutta, with strictly controlled organic crops, no preservatives and the Vegan OK certification, the Valfrutta BIO Peas and BIO Sweetcorn products are ready to use in the kitchen, for plenty of recipes to satisfy the tastes of the entire family.

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Novita Valfrutta

VALFRUTTA, new line for the 200 ml juice brick packs

The slim version has revolutionised the traditional fruit juice for children and families. The recipe, image and graphics have all changed. And the format is now slimmer.

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Valfrutta Pronti al Vapore 5 CerealiValfrutta Pronti al Vapore Riso rosso

VALFRUTTA Pronti al Vapore products, two new mixes with cereals and bulgur

The Valfrutta PRONTI AL VAPORE products are delicious recipes, 100% vegetables and natural products, with no preservatives, simple and light but full of flavour and easy to use as they are ready to serve. With the two new mixes, 5 Cereals, Pumpkin, Carrot and Orange Peel and Red Rice, Bulgur, Green Lentils, Chickpeas and turmeric, the number of menus proposed by Valfrutta in the Pronti al Vapore products range has been extended to a full six products.

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With “I Mici Amici” comes another collection for the VALFRUTTA Triangolini fruit juice range

Available in three flavours popular with children – Apricot juice and pulp, Pear juice and pulp and Peach juice and pulp – the Valfrutta “I Mici Amici” Triangolini juice packs offer all the quality of the best fruit, selected and guaranteed by Valfrutta, with no preservatives, colourings or flavourings and gluten-free, for a light and healthy snack.

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3D Vegetali Fagioli Rossi Cirio 400g OK3D Vegetali Ceci Piccoli Cirio 400g OK3D Vegetali Lenticchie Cirio 400g OK3D Vegetali Piselli Fini Cirio 400g OK3D Vegetali Piselli Medi Cirio 400g OK

CIRIO launches the Salt-free Pulses range

Cirio is back with an innovative pulses product, not present on the market until now: the new Salt-free Pulses range, with five quality products, grown and selected with care, prepared without salt and sugar, with no preservatives, 100% natural.

open doc. (italian)


Veggie Red and Veggie Zen, two new DERBY BLUE products for the Horeca channel

The fresh taste of nature can be enjoyed in a bar, choosing health and well-being, with the two special new Derby Blue products containing a mix of fruit and vegetables: Derby Blue Veggie ZEN with fennel, ginger and pear and Derby Blue Veggie RED with woodland fruits, black carrot and beetroot.

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2018-05-22 151336

Conserve Italia riporta nei bar la linea di bevande sodate Bitter Salfa

Conserve Italia riporta nei bar le bevande gassate del mondo Salfa, un marchio antico dal fascino inalterato, nato a Bologna nel 1956. La nuova linea di bevande sodate BITTER SALFA arriva nei bar in 7 referenze dal gusto ricercato e appassionante e dal look very glamour. Una proposta che unisce tradizione, nuovi trend e creatività al servizio degli esperti della mixology e non solo.

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polpe di frutta

VALFRUTTA 100% Veggie Pulps, three naturally good Fruit&Veg mixes

Valfrutta presents the new 100% VEGGIE Fruit&Veg Pulps range: three delicious mixes made only from the best 100% fruit and vegetables, with no added sugar, no colourings, preservatives or flavourings, full of fibre and 100% vegan.

open doc. (italian)

Valfrutta Bio Veggie

Vending machines, VALFRUTTA launches the 100% veggie smoothie and Italian pear is the new entry in the Bio range

Valfrutta is ready to “invade” the vending machine sector with new healthy and nourishing fruit products. The products are the Valfrutta 100% Woodland Fruits-Beetroot-Black Carrot Veggie Smoothie (250 ml PET) and Valfrutta BIO Pear (250 ml PET), the new entry in the Bio range, two innovative products for vending machines, a sector where Valfrutta is already present and is now adding natural and quality products favoured by consumers in this channel to its range.

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YOGA L'Arte del 100% arrives in cafés, the fruit juice is a masterpiece

The revolutionary instinct of YOGA brings the first range of 100% fruit and 100% veggie juices - gluten-free, with no added sugar, colourings or preservatives - to cafés. A high-quality range with a totally natural flavour.

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