To be a leader company in Europe in the sector of preserved foods

to achieve the highest value on fruit and vegetables supplied by associated farmers and give to consumers, thanks to food chain control and own brands reliability, guarantees on quality and food safety


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Conserve Italia: one of the largest food companies operating in Europe.

C'è l'Italia dentro

Istituzionale valfrutta

Valfrutta is proud of the 100% owned Italian supply chain of products delivered from seeds to tables, which enables provide Italian consumers with fresh and genuine goods since  more than 40 years.

Valfrutta, Alla Scoperta del Triangolino d'Oro

IcoVideo Triangolini 2023

The commercial of the new Valfrutta Triangolini contest, with prizes for children.

Cirio, advertising campaign 2019


New Cirio commercial adv "Non si può fare a meno di Cirio".

Our Brands

Logo Cirio 1856 2021


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Cirio datterini

SUGHI PRONTI (READY SAUCES), CIRIO presents the first 100% Italian Datterino tomato range

The 100% Italian Datterino tomato is the undisputed star of the new line of Cirio Sughi Pronti con Datterino (Cirio Ready Sauces with Datterino Tomatoes), which features five items all distinguished by the unmistakable sweet flavour of this delicacy grown in the most fertile areas of Puglia. Five new products made with original, high-quality recipes that also promote the Italian meat, basil and onion sector.

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Succhi Jolly Colombani capsule

JOLLY COLOMBANI, fruit drinks in capsules

A commercial partnership between Conserve Italia and the Veneto-based company Italbedis, a leading cooler manufacturer, for the development of an exclusive capsule appliance. In seconds, the juice will be ready to drink during an office break or at any other time of the day.

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Derby senza zuccheri

DERBY BLUE No added sugar

The new generation of fruit juices for the HoReCa channel. Almost 25 years after the launch of the iconic blue 200 ml glass bottle, Conserve Italia's unconventional brand is revolutionising its snack bar range. New recipes in 17 flavours with more fruit and no added sugar.

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passata maremma

NUOVA PASSATA MAREMMA CIRIO, a tomato passata that promotes the local production chain

A premium product made with tomatoes grown by local farmers and processed in the Albinia plant. The transparent label emphasises the tomatoes' bright red colour, showing the geographical area of production and highlighting the key ingredient: the Maremma tomato.

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17 Render Sleever DIFESA 250ml YOGA

YOGA DIFESA ACE PASSION now available in the Vending channel

New products that will bring a breath of taste, wellness and freshness to the Vending channel. Available in 250 ml PET format with a bright purple label, Yoga Difesa ACE Passion is our new no-added-sugar juice with 90% fruit and vegetable content, featuring a delicate tropical note with Apple, Kiwi, Orange, Carrot, Lemon and Passion Fruit. Presence of vitamins A, C, E, D and Zinc

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YOGA COMBÌ: juice with dried fruit arrives in snack bars

The goodness of peach and pear combined with the beneficial properties of almonds and hazelnuts. New two-flavour line in the iconic 200 ml glass bottle. YOGA COMBÌ offers two new products, both without added sugar:

- Peach-Almond, a smooth, mouth-watering flavour for a fortifying snack;

- Pear-Hazelnut, distinctive and velvety with all the sweetness of fruit.

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3D Tetrarecart Zuppa Borlotti 500g3D Tetrarecart Zuppa Ceci 500g

ZUPPA DI BORLOTTI and ZUPPA DI CECI are JOLLY COLOMBANI's new ready-made products

JOLLY COLOMBANI launches on the legume soup market with two tasty and authentic offerings, with the addition of extra virgin olive oil, ready-to-eat. JOLLY COLOMBANI ready-to-eat soups are 100% vegetable and are also:

- source of fibre and protein,

- gluten-free,

- free from monosodium glutamate,

- free from colorants or preservatives.

The new packaging is also environmentally friendly and recyclable

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Cirio Climate Neutral

CIRIO launches the UK’s first 'CLIMATE NEUTRAL' pulp

An achievement made possible by the EPD Process certification and Environmental Product Declarations. Zero impact on CO2 emissions, also achieved through a reforestation project in Southern Italy

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VF Green

VALFRUTTA GREEN, organic and eco-friendly products

A tomato line with eco-friendly packaging highlighting the company's commitment to the ecological monitoring of every stage of the production process. The range includes Organic Passata featuring 100% recyclable packaging in amber glass. The bottled Passata comes from 100% Italian tomatoes from certified organic farming. The new Valfrutta Green Fine Pulp in Tetra ReCart comes in a package that cuts CO2 emissions by 83% compared to other materials and contains over 70% renewable and plant-based raw materials. This packaging is FSC-certified, with paper from responsibly managed forests. It is also recyclable.

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Proteico groupage


Protein appears on the juice shelf. Now the focus is on a proper, healthy diet and there is a growing trend towards vegetable-based protein consumption, VALFRUTTA is launching its new IL FRULLATO PROTEICO. IL FRULLATO PROTEICO contains plenty of fruit in line with the nutritional requirements of the health-conscious consumer and is a source of protein that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, which is ideal for our body's health.

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