Attestazioni Etico Sociali

Quality Agricultural Work Network

An important step in this procedure is membership of the quality agricultural work network, as confirmed by renewal of the supplementary company contract initialled on 15 May 2018.

The quality agricultural work network was set up at the INPS by Art. 6 of Decree Law 91/2014, converted with amendments by Law 116/2014, in order to select agricultural firms that satisfy the requirements for membership and are qualified in terms of compliance with employment laws, social legislation and laws on income tax and value added tax. Art. 8 of Law 199/2016, which has been in force since 4 November 2016, amended said Art. 6 and profoundly innovated the agricultural work network, by expanding its competences, introducing new requirements for companies, and adding the members of the Control Room responsible for supervising the Network.

On 18 April 2018, the Control Room accepted Conserve Italia as a member of the Quality Agricultural Work Network.
Similarly, the Board of Directors of Conserve Italia also resolved to involve the members of Conserve Italia, which are mainly agricultural cooperatives, who have also been asked to join the Quality Agricultural Work Network.

Iscrizione alla Rete del Lavoro Agricolo di Qualità (in italian)



Legality rating

As confirmation of the commitment of Conserve Italia to adoption and application of ethical principles in company conduct, the company has applied for and received the Legality Rating issued by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) on 7 June 2017.

The Legality Rating was introduced in 2012 for Italian firms, to promote and introduce principles of ethical conduct into business, through an “acknowledgement” – measured in “stars” – that indicates compliance with the rules of legality of the firms that have requested it and, more generally, the degree of attention focused on correct management of business.

The law provides certain benefits in the granting of public loans and subsidised access to bank credit when the rating is attributed.
The legality rating is governed by AGCM resolution no. 24075 of 14 November 2012 and lasts for two years from the date when it is granted. It may also be renewed on request.

Conserve Italia has been given a rating of 

Social ethical certificates 2023 (in Italian)