Quality Controls from “Field to Table”

Controlli qualità

Conserve Italia implements basic daily controls that form part of a Quality Assurance System. These controls ensure that the products are of the highest quality, from field to finished goods on the shelves which then go on to reach the consumers' tables.

The quality of Conserve Italia’s products resides in the raw materials: the produce. This is achieved through Conserve Italia's technicians who monitor the entire process. The fruit and vegetable technicians are involved in the farming process on a daily basis during the harvest.

The Central Laboratory of the Conserve Italia Group, which is particularly qualified in food control, is included in the Emilia-Romagna Regional List of laboratories that carry out analyses as part of the self-monitoring procedures of food companies, with No. 008/BO/007, and has also been accredited by ACCREDIA in relation to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, with No. 0369, since 2001. The list of tests carried out for accreditation purposes can be viewed on the ACCREDIA website.


Furthermore, in July 2012 the laboratory obtained the German QS certification relative to monitoring of agrochemical residues on fruit, vegetables and potatoes. The reason for accreditation is complementary to that of ACCREDIA, namely that of improving the quality of laboratory data and, consequently, the food safety of Conserve Italia products.

The analyses are performed throughout the entire production process: from samples taken in the field before the harvest, to those taken on arrival at the processing works, from semi-finished products purchased to finished products, on the basis of scheduled analyses.
The laboratory also takes part in research work, in collaboration with International Institutes and Universities, and carries on activities of scientific divulgation during national and international conferences.

Controls start in the fields, followed by delivery of raw materials to the plants, to the added ingredients (sugars, vitamins, etc), to packing materials and all other processing activities. The Quality Control system is traceable which enables the identification of suppliers and members of all the product's ingredients.

The plants verify all the processes (pasteurisation temperatures, weights, watertight container seals), as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of the products.

Every plant has the objective of safeguarding the environment and for this reason Conserve Italia invests in its plants and their maintenance.

When the raw materials are processed and become semi-finished products (tomatoes and fruits), they are stocked in an aseptic environment. Hundreds of aseptic tanks for fruit puree and tomato concentrate are used. The tanks are located in the plant cellars, like wine vats, stainless steel silos that are washed, sterilised by steam and monitored on a daily basis.