Agricultural Services

Conserve Italia operates with respect for the environment and the environmental sustainability of its members' agricultural production, with the aim of obtaining quality products of a high standard and improving the fruit and vegetable production performance. With these aims, it offers its members an agronomic service that develops specific cultivation plans for each crop, based on the type of area (characterised by soil, climate and type of water). The ultimate aim is to obtain products with high quality standards, always seeking to safeguard farm profitability.

Each production made by the Members of Conserve Italia, follows the Integrated Production Specifications (IPS), i.e. an agricultural production system with low environmental impact that involves the coordinated and rational use of all production factors, in order to minimise the use of technical equipment that has an impact on the environment and on the consumer's health.

Agronomic services follow all the production in the field, from sowing to the harvesting stage, trying to manage as effectively as possible the problems that may affect crops on a daily basis. There are 28 people working within this section, including 24 agronomists providing technical assistance and 4 office staff that follow the administration regarding the acquisition of products from the Members.

Agricultural News