The Mission Statement

“To be a leader company in Europe in the sector of preserved foods to achieve the highest value on fruit and vegetables supplied by associated farmers and give to consumers, thanks to food chain control and own brands reliability, guarantees on quality and food safety”.

Conserve Italia's mission of is to add value to the products sourced from farmer associates by processing them into finished goods which are then marketed and sold under the Group’s brands.
Conserve Italia Group's strategic guidelines in the agricultural world are a result of the mission statement with the following objectives:

  • to create “added value” to the raw materials (agricultural produce) supplied by farmer associates through their processing;
  • to create “added value” to the Group’s branded products with a sales and marketing strategy which reflects the intrinsic values of the company;
  • to plan the agricultural and production activity based on market trends, company plant capacities and the co-operative member requirements;
  • to increase the quantity of agricultural produce (fruit, vegetables and tomatoes) available for industrial processing and to develop the farmer associate base responsible for the supply of raw materials;
  • to ensure growth in the Italian, European and International markets, investing in the company brands and in retail trade customers;
  • to guarantee a Quality Assurance system throughout the entire supply chain activity: “from seed to finished product”;  
  • to invest in Research and Development so as to maintain the Group’s leadership position ensuring at the same time product innovations;
  • to constantly improve internal processes and procedures so as to reduce costs;
  • to evaluate external growth opportunities through company acquisitions in Italy, Europe and internationally.