Fundamental Stages

1976: creation of Conserve Italia with 15 co-operatives for fruit, vegetables and tomato processing;

1979: acquisition of the Belgian company Mon Jardin's plant in Mirandola, (MO), Italy and the creation of a new second degree Covalpa-Mon Jardin consortium, specialising in the production of canned fruit and vegetables;

1983: the beginning of the internationalisation of the Group with the creation of Mediterranean Growers Ltd in London for sales in Great Britain and Ireland;

1984: acquisition of the fruit juices brand Derby from Gio Buton S.p.A. and creation of the company Salfa S.p.A., for the production and sale of nectars, fruit juices and beverages;

1990: acquisition of two French companies, Otra S.A. and Barbier Dauphin S.A., producers of tomato based products and ready meals – French specialities under the Barbier Dauphin and DEA brands;

1991: acquisition of the German company Warburger GmbH, producer of canned vegetables which today operates solely as a sales subsidiary for Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, Austria and some other nearby countries;

1993: rationalisation of the Group's European-controlled companies structure with the creation of the S.E.C. S.A. (Société Européenne de Conserves);

1994: merger between the co-operative members of Conserve Italia (CALPO, COVALPA, CONAM, CITO) and transition of the company from a third degree consortium to a second degree consortium;

1994: acquisition of Massalombarda-Colombani S.p.A.;

1996: acquisition of the former plant San Prospero S.r.l. plant in Imola (BO);

1996: acquisition of the Lomco S.A. plant in Saint Sylvestre in France;

1997: creation of the Konserwa Polska Sp.zo.o. company in Łðdz, Poland and acquisition of the production plant Traktarowa in Łðdz in 1999;

1997: merger of Conserve Italia and Massalombarda into a single integrated company;

1997: acquisition of the French company Verjame S.A., the number one French producer of preserved fruit with the brand St Mamet, market leader. Creation of Conserves France S.A. with the incorporation of the OTRA, BARBIER DAUPHIN, LOMCO and VERJAME companies;

1999: acquisition of the Mesagne, Brindisi plant in Italy from the Campana S.A.S.;

2000: Conserve Italia joins the Apo Conerpo organisation of producers;

2002: construction begins on the new production plant for preserves (fruit, vegetables and tomatoes) in Codigoro (FE), near Pomposa Abbey;

2003: acquisition of the Spanish company Juver Alimentación S.A. specialising in the production of fruit juices;

2004: incorporation of the Salfa S.p.A. company;

2004: acquisition of the majority share in the Cirio and De Rica S.p.A. company and of the controlled Portuguese company Sopragol S.A.;

2006: liquidation of S.E.C. S.A.;

2006: closure of the company Konserwa Polska Sp.zo.o. in Poland;

2006: acquisition of the remaining 49% share of Cirio and De Rica S.p.A.. Conserve Italia becomes the sole shareholder of Cirio and De Rica S.p.A.;

2006: cessation of activities in Sopragol S.A. following management buyout by its employees;

2007: merger and incorporation of Cirio De Rica S.p.A. into Conserve Italia;

2007: creation of a Logistics distribution centre in the ex Cirio De Rica San Polo (PC) plant with the sale of the production area;

2008: sale of the ex Cirio De Rica Caivano plant near Naples;

2009: transition of Mediterranean Growers Ltd from a subsidiary trading company to a trading agency from April; 

2009: creation of the new company Tera Seeds S.r.l. consortile, (controlled for 90% by Conserve Italia), for the production and sale of seeds;

2009: end of the procedure of liquidation of the company Konserwa Polska Sp.zo.o.;

2010: transition of Warburger GmbH from a subsidiary trading company to a trading agency from July;

2013: transfer of the subsidiary Warburger GmbH's headquarter from Warburg to Frankfurt;

2014: the subsidiary Warburger GmbH changes its company name in Conserve Italia Deutschland GmbH;

2014: De Rica brand was sold to the company Generale Conserve;

2015: sale of the business unit from Conserves France dedicated to the processed fruit, that consists of the brand St Mamet and the factory of Vauvert. 
Foundation of the company Conserve Italia Australia Pty Ltd;

2016: creation of Conserve Italia USA Corporation;

2021: lease of O.P.O.E. (Organizzazione Produttori Ortofrutticoli Europa) plant in Dodici Morelli di Cento (FE);

2023: awarding of the OPOE (Organizzazione Produttori Ortofrutticoli Europa) company complex in Dodici Morelli di Cento (FE).