The membership of Conserve Italia are 39 members with 14,000 producers of fruit, tomatoes and vegetable for industrial processing:

  • 34 cooperatives are ordinary members;
  • 3 are subsiding members, cooperatives and producers organizations (O.P.) with a direct supply relation for raw materials with Conserve Italia;
  • 2 are financing members.

Conserve Italia is a second degree co-operative that is made up of first degree cooperatives which bring together farmer producers of fruit and vegetable which supply the raw materials. The Board of Directors, nominated by the delegate co-operatives, is responsible for appointing its President and Vice-President.

The relationship between the Board of Directors and the co-operative for the management of the supply of fruit and vegetable produce is carried out through a series of committees:

  • Fruit Board/Committee;
  • Tomato Board/Committee;
  • Vegetable Board/Committee.

These technical bodies which include cooperative staff members are responsible for the definition of:

  • quantities and farming land areas for the cooperatives;
  • production planning (seeding/planting, harvesting and delivery);
  • quality control procedures (raw material sampling);
  • agricultural practices and farming techniques for the members;
  • agricultural Research and Development for products and farming.