To be a leader company in Europe in the sector of preserved foods

to achieve the highest value on fruit and vegetables supplied by associated farmers and give to consumers, thanks to food chain control and own brands reliability, guarantees on quality and food safety


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Conserve Italia: one of the largest food companies operating in Europe.

C'è l'Italia dentro

Istituzionale valfrutta

Valfrutta is proud of the 100% owned Italian supply chain of products delivered from seeds to tables, which enables provide Italian consumers with fresh and genuine goods since  more than 40 years.

Valfrutta, advertising campaign 2016

I triangolini spot

The Triangolini Valfrutta (the little triangles) come back on TV.

Cirio, advertising campaign 2015


New Cirio commercial adv of the director Ferzan Özpetek.

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DERBY BLUE and YOGA, well-being trough goji

Great antioxidant properties and many precious vitamins for this modern and natural flavor that brings a fresh and healthy breath in Italian bars/café.

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Gruppo Veggie

Fruits & Vegs,  Valfrutta 100% " Veggie" fruit juice is born

Wellness and taste for everybody to be discovered in three delicious 100% vegan mixes made with the best of fruits and vegetables.

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                    bottiglia sardegna

History, art and tradition from the beautiful Sardinia in the new special edition from DERBY BLUE fruit juices

Passionate,  welcoming and generous, amongst its unique landscapes and a lovely sea, the island is the protagonist of the new limited edition of Derby Blue Fruit Juice in the classic 200 ml bottle, dedicated to the characteristic features of this special land.

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VF-1500ml-Aranciata ItalianaVF-1500ml-Limonata

VALFRUTTA, a natural solution for thirst! Lemonade and Italian Orange juice

The two new recipes, non-carbonated, fresh and refreshing, in 1500 ml brik magnum size:  for the family consumption.

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With VALFRUTTA BIO Italian Peach and YOGA 100% fresh-squeezed orange juice, healthy fruit drinks are now available in vending machines

Valfrutta and Yoga are firmly committed to conquering even the most demanding vending machine customers with two great new high-quality and natural products, offering premium quality solutions for consumption on the go.

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CIRIO presents the new line 'SALSE PRONTE': the excellence of peeled plum tomatoes at the bases of the new range of pasta sauces

CIRIO, which has specialised in tomato products since 1856, is proposing another new product for tomato lovers: the exclusive “Cuor di pelato” range of ready-made sauces, the only sauce prepared using the best part of peeled tomatoes! All the freshness of the best peeled tomatoes in a tasty and ready-made sauce.

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Valfrutta renews its historical range of 125ml glass fruit juices

The range, which already has the traditional Pear, Peach, Apricot and Apple products, now includes Blueberry, to keep pace with the changing tastes of all consumers.

Linea Agrumi Valfrutta Granchef

Citrus segments VALFRUTTA GRANCHEF, the new way to take fruits

The range of fruit in syrup Valfrutta Granchef is enriched with a new exclusive range - Citrus Segments - consisting of orange, tangerine and grapefruit tris, perfect to meet the needs of modern catering and hotel industry, from breakfast to dessert.

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VALFRUTTA BIO, all the goodness of organic fruits in the new line of  juices

With the new range of BIO juices,Valfrutta guarantees consumers excellent quality, safety and genuiness in beloved flavours by Italians.

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From YOGA brand three new launches so healthy

The mini range of three new items dedicated to the adult target is offered in the 125 ml with the handy twist-off cap.

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