The 7th edition of Conserve Italia’s Sustainability Report is delivered with an updated look and richer graphic content.
In addition to presenting the growing commitment for the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the Company and local communities in and around its area, this document provides a snapshot of the Groups’s current position, focusing on those aspects that are not covered by the Financial Report.

The Sustainability Report is drawn up and published every three years; it is released to coincide with the end of the Board of Directors’ mandate, in order to inform the associated Members about the economic, social and environmental progress achieved under that mandate. This demonstrates Conserve Italia’s commitment to providing its “shareholders” with useful information in regards to the activities undertaken and the impact they have had in the territories where the Company operates.

The purpose of the Sustainability Report is to give sight of the uniqueness of the Conserve Italia cooperative structure, which has among its main stakeholders both the associated producers and their first-degree cooperatives and all the collaborators who work every day at different levels of competence and expertise, to allow our Company to compete successfully in the markets within the new context of globalization.

ico-pdf Sustainability Report 2018