Fruit juices


The fruit juices category, according to Italian law, includes three specific segments/families of products:

Fruit Nectars “juice and pulp of fruit”

Brik 1000 Valfrutta
Bric 1000 ml

This family was created in the second post-war period and represents a typical Italian product. Fruit Nectars “Nettari” were created as a food for young children. The products guarantee a minimum fruit content of 40% to 50% depending on the variety of fruit. The fruit for the nectar product is pureed and then water and sugar are added.

100% Juices

Glass bottle 200ml

Were introduced into the Italian market in the 1980’s. The juices are obtained from concentrates (orange, grapefruit, tropical pineapple, mix) and added water.


Fruit Drinks

PET bottle 1000 ml

This latest generation of fruit based drinks were introduced in Italy in the 1990’s. These juices must have a minimum fruit content of 12% (legal minimum). However, generally speaking, the products sold have a 30% fruit content. There are a wide range of popular fruit drinks (ACE, green apple, red orange, tropical etc.) which are thirst quenching, and suitable for both home and outdoor consumption.

Conserve Italia markets all three families of products (Nectars, 100% juices and fruit drinks) under its leading brands: Yoga, Derby Blue, Valfrutta and Jolly Colombani.