Fruit purées

Valfrutta - 100% fruit in purée

This product has had great success in France and other European Countries. It is 100% fruit in purée form.

The container used for this product is aluminium foil with an easy peel-off lid. The fruit purée is based on apple mixed with apricots, peaches, prunes and bananas.

The selected fruit is washed and finely chopped before being cooked at a temperature that de-activates the enzymes. The fruit purée is packaged, pasteurised and cooled, ready to be despatched.

Valfrutta - Classic


Fruit purees and compotes have been traditionally appreciated by hotels, schools, canteens, hospitals and other communities for their service.
Nowadays they are gowing more and more popular towards Italian families for their deliciuos, healthy goodness: children, young adults or senior consumers choose them as snacks, desserts or quick lunch solutions.

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