In the field of vegetables, Conserve Italia offers a wide range of products that include: peas, borlotti beans, string beans, sweetcorn, chick peas, lentils, mixed vegetables.
All these products are equally important. The peas, borlotti beans, string beans and sweet corn are obtained from fresh produce and exclusively supplied by the co-operative members. The OGM free produce is guaranteed thanks to the controls carried out in the field; the selection of seeds and the purchases carried out by the Group for the co-operative members.
The agricultural planning, from seeding to harvesting, is defined by Conserve Italia's agricultural technicians. They directly monitor the entire life-cycle from cultivation to production. Furthermore the entire cycle is monitored and controlled by Conserve Italia's Quality Assurance system ensuring against residual “phyto pharmaceuticals” (pestacides).

During winter, the seeding plans are defined, taking into account consumer requirements as well as other important factors such as quality, usable terrain, territorial location in relation to the plants, climatic conditions, characteristics of selected varieties, results of tests and experiments carried out by Conserve Italia as part of Public Institutions.