Products and Brands

CIRIO still in communication with the commercial created by Aldo Biasi Comunicazione and a competition (Daily Media magazine)

For the vending sector YOGA Difesa ACE Passion is delivered (Vending Magazine)

“Che il mondo ti somigli. La saga di Francesco CIRIO” by Allegra Groppelli e Beba Slijepcevic (Touch Point Today magazine)

YOGA Combì: juice with dried fruit arrives in bars (Ristonews magazine)

Three doughs and CIRIO Alta Cucina: the strengths of Inerio Marongiu (Italia a Tavola magazine)

New YOGA Combì juices: the juice with almond and hazelnut arrives in cafés (Beverfood magazine)

YOGA Combì: juice with dried fruit arrives in cafés (Agenfood magazine)

VALFRUTTA Green is born, the new sustainable supply chain range dedicated to tomatoes (Alimentando magazine)

Environmentally friendly chopped tomato (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

The suggestions of Dr. Andrea Righetti, expert in chrononutrition (Bella magazine)

CIRIO launches the first zero-emission chopped tomato in the UK (Corriere della Sera - L'Economia newspaper)

Tomato: CIRIO launches 100% sustainable chopped tomato in the UK (Agrisole newspaper)

VALFRUTTA Frullato Proteico (protein smoothie) in three innovative flavors (Italia a Tavola magazine)

The quality of the tomato makes the difference in cooking (Italia a Tavola magazine)

VALFRUTTA presents Il Frullato Proteico (protein smoothie) (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

VALFRUTTA presents the new Frullato Proteico (protein smoothie) (EFA News magazine)

The Flairtender bartender school chooses BITTER SALFA and DERBY BLUE products (Ristonews magazine)

CIRIO Sausage and Mushroom Ragù with Baby Plum Tomato (Sale&Pepe magazine)

Supply chain broadcast with VALFRUTTA (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

CIRIO presents the first range of ready sauces with 100% Italian baby plum tomatoes (Alimentando magazine)

CIRIO protagonist at MasterChef (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CIRIO is reconfirmed among the partners of the new edition of MasterChef Italia (Horeca News magazine)

CIRIO is reconfirmed among the partners of the new edition of MasterChef Italia (Corriere Ortofrutticolo magazine)

VALFRUTTA frutta e Vai! Choco: the range is extended with chocolate-covered peanuts (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

VALFRUTTA: Frutta e Vai! range is extended for cafés (Fresh Plaza magazine)

YOGA Optimum Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti (without added sugar) (Famiglia Cristiana magazine)

The Mediterranean soul of Il Vecchio e il Mare pizzeria (Italia a Tavola magazine)

CIRIO Legumi Senza Sale (vegetables without salt) (Famiglia Cristiana magazine)

YOGA AQ Blueberry: taste and well-being for the vending sector (Vending Magazine)

YOGA and BITTER SALFA partner of the Mokador Experience Academy (Alimentando magazine)

For VALFRUTTA Triangolini a competition and a campaign (Touchpoint Today magazine)

VALFRUTTA launches the new Triangolini contest on television with Clay and Life (Daily Media magazine)

Vending, a new recipe for YOGA AQ Mirtillo (blueberry) (Corriere Ortofrutticolo magazine)

The new YOGA AQ Mirtillo (blueberry) recipe is coming (Agenfood magazine)

CIRIO, three-year partnership with Alma chefs (Italia Oggi magazine)

Pizza Challenge is back: CIRIO Alta Cucina is confirmed as the official tomato (Horeca News magazine)

VALFRUTTA Pomodoro al Vapore (steamed tomato) (Cucinare Bene magazine)

CIRIO tomato, with 160 years of history, obtains the recognition of “historical brand” (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

YOGA juices. A new commercial for the Optimum range without added sugar (Horeca News magazine)

YOGA launches Optimum on Mediaset and social networks (Touch Point Today magazine)

YOGA juices are back in communication with a new spot on air on Mediaset networks (Daily Media magazine)

New commercials for the launch of Optimum without added sugar (Italian Food Today magazine)

Defense project, health mission (QN Weekend - Il Resto del Carlino / La Nazione / Il Giorno newspaper)

YOGA Optimum, new eco-sustainable brik for the Vending sector (D.A. Italia magazine)

YOGA OPTIMUM in the new eco-sustainable brik for the Vending sector (Vending News magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA focuses on mixes (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

Yotea Zero: YOGA tea with no added sugar (Ristonews magazine)

CIRIO Alta Cucina celebrates the best professionals Lady Chefs (Ristorazione Italiana Magazine)

Fruits, vegetables and spices in a bottle: YOGA Centrifugati are delivered (Bargiornale magazine)

VALFRUTTA launches the new range of Buonmix based on vegetables and legumes (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

YOGA Centrifugati also arrive in cafés: fruit, vegetables and spices for a well-being to drink (Beverfood magazine)

The new DERBY BLUE juice with Kiwi Apple flavor arrives in cafés (Horeca News magazine)

DERBY BLUE apple/kiwi: the new juice for cafés (Italianfood Today magazine)

The strength of Scarpone is traditional cuisine (Italia a Tavola magazine)

CIRIO Alta Cucina celebrates the best Lady Chefs (Horeca News magazine)

Cuisine, Abruzzo goes on the national podium thanks to the recipe of a chef from Campli (Il Centro newspaper)

YOGA, peach and pear PGI for 100% fruit juices (Italiafruit News magazine)

Two new products for the range of YOGA juices L’Arte del 100% (Bargiornale magazine)

Piselli Senza Sale CIRIO (peas without salt) (Famiglia Cristiana magazine)

I Pronti al Vapore VALFRUTTA (steamed vegetables) (Sale & Pepe magazine)

Juices: VALFRUTTA presents the new Triangolini collection (Alimentando magazine)

VALFRUTTA, the three times sustainable Italian supply chain (La Repubblica - Bologna newspaper)

Triangolini VALFRUTTA, fruit juices that make children play (Fresh Point Magazine)

VALFRUTTA: the new Difesa fruit juice arrives on the shelves (Alimentando magazine)

VALFRUTTA Difesa: extra protection for the immune system (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

With YOGA juices, the PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) of the fruit from Romagna is promoted (In Piazza magazine)

Ready meals steamed and healthy: this is how VALFRUTTA helps you eat well (Italia a Tavola magazine)

VALFRUTTA Cotti a vapore (steamed vegetables) are enriched with a new product (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

YOGA Optimum 1000 is delivered without added sugars (Alimentando magazine)

YOGA presents new YOGA optimum without added sugars (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

VALFRUTTA, fruit juices for the Vending channel in the new eco-sustainable brik (Vending News magazine)

VALFRUTTA juices: new eco-sustainable single-dose Tetra Crystal for automatic distribution (Beverfood magazine)

Genuine tastes and promotion: so Little Italy builds customer loyalty (Italia a Tavola magazine)

VALFRUTTA Buonmix: steamed sweet corn fantasy immediately ready (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

Buonmix range by VALFRUTTA is delivered (Alimentando magazine)

VALFRUTTA presents Buonmix: sweet corn, vegetables and pulses (Italiafruit News magazine)

VALFRUTTA, the green hymn to Italy (L'Economia - Corriere della Sera newspaper)

The new commercial by "Jam e la tempesta" for VALFRUTTA Cotti a Vapore (steamed) is released in 2 versions (Daily Media magazine)

Canned fruit without added sugar for the new VALFRUTTA range (Italfruit News magazine)

New range of canned fruit without added sugar by VALFRUTTA (Corriere Ortofrutticolo magazine)

VALFRUTTA: new range of canned fruit without added sugar (Myfruit magazine)

YOGA, DERBY BLUE and VALFRUTTA Organic: quality and innovation in 200 ml glass juices (GBI Distributori di Idee magazine)