Products and Brands

VALFRUTTA: 100% Frullato Veggie (vegan smoothie) (Cucina Moderna magazine)

Nisida in Milan: authentic Neapolitan cuisine (Italia a Tavola magazine)

Canned nature: CIRIO Legumi Senza Sale (salt free pulses) (Famiglia Cristiana magazine)

VALFRUTTA Kit Balance, the "balanced" snack (My Fruit magazine)

VALFRUTTA Kit Balance: fruit and vegetable smoothie, protein snack and dried fruit in a single kit, for a balanced and tasty break (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

VALFRUTTA 100% Veggie Frullato (smoothie) (Tu Style magazine)

Fruits + Vegetables: 100% Veggie Frullato (smoothie) (Cucina Naturale magazine)

VALFRUTTA Organic vegetables range: Italian borlotti beans worthy of an excellent evaluation (Green Planet magazine)

VALFRUTTA Pomodoro al Vapore (steamed tomato) (Gente magazine)

A museum to celebrate CIRIO the king of canned vegetables (La Stampa newspaper)

Organic triumphs in the kitchen, with VALFRUTTA ORGANIC Sieved and Chopped tomato (IO Donna magazine)

VALFRUTTA is "think natural": from the field to the table, a sustainable supply chain (Anderlini Network magazine)

Steamed cannellini beans are perfect in the kitchen (Ristoranti magazine)

VALFRUTTA Pomodoro al Vapore (steamed tomato) range (Cucina Moderna magazine)

Pizza and Tuscan cuisine at Malborghetto (Italia a Tavola magazine)

Think Natural: VALFRUTTA Bianchi di Spagna Beans (Telepiù magazine)

CIRIO Fior di filetti (tomato fillets) (Sala&Cucina magazine)

VALFRUTTA Zuppe a Vapore (steamed soups) (Famiglia Cristiana magazine)

CIRIO protagonist in the kitchen of MasterChef Italia (Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura magazine)

Massimo Cosmo: the Neapolitan pizza in Prato (Italia a Tavola magazine)

Wellness choices: Legumi Senza Sale CIRIO (pulses without salt) (Famiglia Cristiana magazine)

VALFRUTTA Zuppe a vapore (steamed soups) (Tu Style magazine)

VALFRUTTA presents three appetizing steamed soups, 100% natural, 100% vegetable and immediately ready (Io Donna magazine)

JOLLY COLOMBANI launches the "cool effect" range (Food magazine)

Masterchef chooses CIRIO tomatoes for its kitchen (Horeca News magazine)

Passata Vellutata (sieved tomatoes) of VALFRUTTA Pomodoro al Vapore range (Cucinare Bene magazine)

CIRIO tomato has its debut in the kitchen of MasterChef (Italiafruit News magazine)

New pack in vintage style for CIRIO Tomato Juice (Bargiornale magazine)

Fior di Filetti, the new product of CIRIO Alta Cucina tomato (Ristonews magazine)

New range of JOLLY COLOMBANI fruit drinks in large scale distribution (Fresh Point Magazine)

La Buca: a hotbed of intense flavours (Italia a Tavola magazine)

CIRIO tomato ambassador of Italian cuisine in China (Horeca News magazine)

CIRIO tomato ambassador of Italian cuisine in China (Corriere Ortofrutticolo magazine)

VALFRUTTA steamed tomato: technology at the service of taste (IO Donna magazine)

YOGA, a new advertising campaign starts (In Piazza magazine)

CIRIO Rubra sauce: the taste of the authentic Italian ketchup (Oggi magazine)

Al Foghèr Classic: Renato Pancini doubles in Arezzo (Italia a Tavola magazine)

Pulses without salt: well-being choice (Voglia di Salute magazine)

VALFRUTTA Triangolini turn 5 years old and come back on TV with the advertisement of Leagas Delaney of the first launch (Daily Media magazine)

VALFRUTTA celebrates the 5th anniversary of Triangolini proposing again the first launch advertisement (Pubblicom.Now magazine)

VALFRUTTA celebrates the 5th anniversary of Triangolini with the come back on air and online of the launch advertisement (Engage magazine)

CIRIO Alta Cucina tomato honors its "global" pizza makers (Italia a Tavola magazine)

Pizza makers Worldwide Championship: awarded two professionals who have chosen CIRIO Alta Cucina tomato (Sala & Cucina magazine)

Cocktail Week Bologna 2019: the program (InformaCibo magazine)

Toast and taste, it is the Cocktail Week (Il Resto del Carlino Bologna newspaper)

BITTER SALFA main partner of Bologna Cocktail Week 2019 (Beverfood magazine)

"YOGA, the name of the fruit juice" (Pubblicom.Now magazine)

New radio advertising for YOGA, leader brand in the market of fruit juices for over 70 years (Italia Cooperativa magazine)

VALFRUTTA presents the new range of Steam Cooked Tomato (Horeca news magazine)

VALFRUTTA launches the new range of Steam Cooked Tomato (Italiafruit News magazine)

VALFRUTTA supports exercise (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

New partner for the Anderlini Network: VALFRUTTA side by side with all the teams (Il Resto del Carlino - Modena newspaper)

YOGA, new vending product with the taste "Peach Lemon" (D.A. Italia magazine)

CIRIO, the tomato consumers like: 4 Quality Awards in 4 years (Gambero Rosso magazine)

CIRIO Finely Chopped Tomatoes, and the perfect versatility goes on stage on the table (Io Donna magazine)

News for breakfast with the original VALFRUTTA 100% Veggie jams (Io Donna magazine)

CIRIO rewards the young pizza makers at Olympic games of the Authentic Neapolitan Pizza (Horeca News magazine)

Olympic games of the Authentic Neapolitan Pizza, CIRIO awards the young pizza makers (Italgrob magazine)

VALFRUTTA on the beach with Jovanotti (Italia Oggi magazine)

YOGA PGI Nectarine Peach, the traditional limited edition queen of the 2019 Pink Night (Emilia Romagna News24 magazine)

The #natipronti of VALFRUTTA on Italian beaches with Jova Beach Party ( Now magazine)

The “Think Natural” on Italian beaches: a partnership between VALFRUTTA and Jova Beach Party (Beverfood magazine)

YOGA PGI Nectarine Peach, the limited edition queen of the 2019 Pink Night (Horeca News magazine)

A YOGA PGI Nectarine Peach limited edition for the 2019 Pink Night ( Now magazine)

DERBY BLUE, the new unique unconventional styled website (Media Key magazine)

At Pala e Matterello pizzas depending on the season (Italia a Tavola magazine)

Vegetables come in the jams: VALFRUTTA launches the 100% Veggie range (Fresh Point Magazine)

A juice of nectarines to celebrate the Pink Night (Corriere Romagna – Rimini e San Marino newspaper)

A family-friendly tomato, CIRIO advertisement of Aldo Biasi Comunicazione wins Moige Award for the second time (You Mark magazine)

L’Arte del 100% YOGA makes its debut on social media (Horeca News magazine)

The fruit juices L’Arte del 100% YOGA make their debut on social media ( Now magazine)

Social media: “L’Arte del 100% YOGA” makes its debut on Facebook and Instagram (DailyNet magazine)

YOGA bets on social media as a vehicle for consumers and professionals (Mark Up magazine)

VALFRUTTA, the range of Cotti a Vapore is expanding (FOOD magazine)

A full tank of proteins and fibers with steam cooked Mix Mediterraneo VALFRUTTA (Io Donna magazine)

Peach and Lemon: in the Vending sector the new flavour of YOGA range (Vending News magazine)

100% natural, with fruit, vegetables and spices: the YOGA Centrifugati (Io Donna magazine)

YOGA: new smoothies without added sugars (Tu Style magazine)

YOGA brand relies on Hub09 for the social media communication of "L'Arte del 100%" juices (Daily Net magazine)

DERBY BLUE introduces the new website (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

Haute cuisine and tomato: the idea of chef Iacobucci (Corriere di Romagna Forlì e Cesena newspaper)

At Scappi catering institute a red tomato dinner: students in showcase (Il Resto del Carlino Imola newspaper)

According to nature: YOGA smoothies and CIRIO sieved tomatoes (Repubblica Cibo magazine)