Skyrocketing costs and supply chain at risk. “The government help us” (QN Economia&Lavoro - Il Resto del Carlino / La Nazione / Il Giorno newspaper)

Cost of electricity, for CONSERVE ITALIA increases of 50 million (EFA News magazine)

The king of canned food: “Regional administrative court and bureaucracy: our wind farm blocked for five years” (QN - Il Resto del Carlino / La Nazione / Il Giorno newspaper)

Reforest. Measurement is the basis of carbon neutralization (Mark Up magazine)

Gardini: “Skyrocketing bills and packaging, by now entire supply chains of producers are on their knees” (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno newspaper)

Tomato processing: Mesagne is always the leader (La Gazzetta del Salento – Brindisi Lecce Taranto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA invests and doubles (Il Resto del Carlino - Ferrara newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA: maxi investment in Pomposa (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA goes green: a new Tetra Recart production line (Corriere di Bologna newspaper)

“Here we process 67 thousand tons of tomatoes: 3 million jars” (Gazzetta di Modena newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA bets 10 million on packaging (Corriere della Sera newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA invests 10 million and upgrades the packaging line (Verità & Affari newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, a production line of 160 million pieces a year in the name of sustainability (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

The presentation of the new CIRIO Passata della Maremma (sieved tomatoes from Maremma, Tuscany) (TV9 - Made in Maremma TV)

“Le Selezioni di Puglia”, this is how CIRIO enhances regional excellence (Agen Food agency)

“Che il mondo ti somigli. La saga di Francesco CIRIO” (L'Ancora magazine)

Fontanile and the book on Francesco CIRIO (Gazzetta d'Asti newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, a new market product (La Nazione - Grosseto newspaper)

The new CIRIO sieved tomatoes are made in Maremma, Tuscany. 2 million pieces will be bottled (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

The CIRIO saga in a book, presentation in the library (La Nuova Provincia newspaper)

“Let's go back to relying on our productions” (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA is looking for 250 seasonal workers. Applications are still open and selections will begin shortly (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

Ravarino: “We are looking for 100 seasonal workers” (Gazzetta di Modena newspaper)

Agriculture, a race against time, 250 people are needed to process tomatoes in Maremma, Tuscany (La Repubblica - Firenze newspaper)

Mechanized harvesting, new tests on apricots (Italiafruit News magazine)

The entrepreneurial genius of Francesco CIRIO in a novel (ANSA - Terra&Gusto - Libri agency)

CONSERVE ITALIA, history and innovation at Cibus (In Piazza magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: the beauty and the goodness of Italy (Novella Cucina magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA, where sustainability is integral (Food magazine)

Tomato: agronomists, foresters and agricultural experts at “CONSERVE ITALIA” (La Nazione – Grosseto newspaper)

Interview with Pier Franco Casadio, Horeca Sales Director at CONSERVE ITALIA (GBI Distributori di Idee magazine)

The saga of Francesco CIRIO celebrated in a novel (Food Affairs magazine)

The story of Francesco CIRIO. The man who wanted to be the best possible (Libero newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA looking for 250 employees for tomato processing (Il Tirreno – Grosseto newspaper)

Sustainability of the supply chain multiplied by three (Mark Up magazine)

Cibus fair: a book about CIRIO, pioneer of the food industry (Ansa agency)

“CONSERVE ITALIA, this is how we tell the story” (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

“CONSERVE ITALIA, quality and safety” (Il Resto del Carlino - Bologna newspaper)

The historic brand looks to the future (Italia Oggi magazine)

Beer&Food Attraction: interview with Gabriele Angeli, CONSERVE ITALIA (Mixer Planet magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA and Mercitalia for sustainability (Largo Consumo magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA launches the Horeca Academy (Italianfood Today magazine)

Beer becomes queen of the table. Companies from Ferrara in vogue in gastronomy (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, the Horeca Academy arrives (Food Service magazine)

Progetto Vapore (steam project): the tomato of the future is being studied (AgroNotizie magazine)

Food: the Horeca Academy of CONSERVE ITALIA is underway (Ansa agency)

“Agricultural production, one million hectares to be used immediately” (Corriere della Sera newspaper)

Less consumption and emissions for VALFRUTTA vegetables and sweet corn (Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura - Ortofrutta Notizie magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: "Sharing data would help" (GDO Week magazine)

Looking for a high-quality and disease-free tomato (Corriere Romagna - Forlì e Cesena newspaper)

Food: in Emilia-Romagna a project to create the tomato of the future (ANSA - Emilia-Romagna agency)

The year of traceability has arrived for VALFRUTTA vegetables (Food magazine)

The new company store of CONSERVE ITALIA opens (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, new boiler: 300 tons of CO2 less (Libertà newspaper)

Rising costs, we need fair sharing for all (Ortofrutta Notizie magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: economic sustainability first of all (Largo Consumo magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA and the choice to move the goods by train (Corriere di Bologna newspaper)

“CONSERVE ITALIA bets on Pomposa. Here our new logistics center” (Il Resto del Carlino - Ferrara newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA: a three times sustainable supply chain (GBI Distributori di Idee magazine)

Cultures of “ideotypes” for the crazy climate (Molto Futuro magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA, the true Italian and three times sustainable supply chain (La Repubblica - Bologna newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA buys the premises of the former Copaca (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, with 4.0 agriculture the vegetables of the future are born #vocidellortofrutta (Fresh Point Magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA, sustainability cubed (Food - Food Social Impact magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA, 100% Italian products dedicated to the away from home (Food Service magazine)

Three times sustainable Italian supply chain (Italia Più magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA presents the Sustainability Report (Gazzetta di Modena newspaper)

What a surprise from the wastes. Tomato skins transformed into energy and animal feed (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

Food takes the train of sustainability: the CONSERVE ITALIA case (Il Sussidiario newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA travels by train: “Doing more” (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

Rail transport doubled in the last ten years (Corriere Romagna - Rimini e San Marino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA managed 22% of its shipments by train (Supply Chain Italy magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: 3.500 tons of Pet saved in the last five years (Agrisole newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA attentive to the environment. Investments in ecological packaging (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

“Costs boom, a deal is needed” (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, one in 5 cans (22%) is shipped by train (Corriere della Sera - L'Economia newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA hopes for greater development of rail transport (Mark Up magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA chooses the train “but the obsolete network slows the cutting of 2500 trucks from the road” (La Stampa newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, a three times sustainable supply chain (Corriere Ortofrutticolo magazine)

Environment: CONSERVE ITALIA towards ecological packaging (Ansa agency)

CONSERVE ITALIA, the agent as an integral part of the company (Food Service magazine)

Peach fusicoccum, a problem in search of a solution (AgroNotizie magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: “Enhancing the production of Italian farmer members” (Largo Consumo magazine)

Nothing is thrown away from the juices, not even the sewage sludge (La Verità newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, 60 thousand tons of tomatoes collected (Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia – Brindisi newspaper)