Covid19, record Fs: 3,5 million tons of goods throughout Europe (Corriere della Sera - L'Economia magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA moves to export via train (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

Coronavirus: the commitment of CONSERVE ITALIA in this difficult moment (Con i Frutti della Terra by TRC TV)

Vending sector, CONSERVE ITALIA is the leader in the fruit juice market (Ortofrutta Notizie magazine)

Home-made energy: greener CONSERVE ITALIA (Il Resto del Carlino - Ferrara newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA bets on the sustainability of its products (InformaCibo magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA bets on precision farming (In Piazza magazine)

Gabriele Angeli from Conserve Italia at Beer & Food Attraction 2020 fair (Beverfood - YouTube website)

Interview with the General Director Mr Pier Paolo Rosetti ("Green Italy", RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono radio)

Tomato, let's go ahead with agronomic innovation (TGR Rai Toscana - YouTube website)

CONSERVE ITALIA presents its news to Beer & Food Attraction fair (Beverfood magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA brings its news to Beer & Food Attraction fair (Italia a Tavola magazine)

"Real fear? New duties across the Channel". But "made in Italy" cannot be renounced (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

Tomato, new tests in Tuscany to find the best varieties ("Made in Maremma" by TV9 - YouTube website)

CONSERVE ITALIA, the tomatoes of the future (La Nazione - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, an "award" for environmental sustainability (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA tests "climate-proof" tomatoes (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA gets "mark" (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA: the Group's news for 2020 (GBI Distributori di Idee magazine)

Five pavilions for the agricultural mechanics sector (L'Arena newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA believes in sustainability (L'Informatore Agrario magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA gets the "sustainability" mark (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA certifies the environmental impact of its products (AdnKronos magazine)

More sustainable agricultural mechanics (Bresciaoggi newspaper)

Las cooperativas trabajan con la industria de zumos para reaprovechar el excedente de fruta de hueso (La Verdad newspaper)

A company from Piacenza joins the PSR project of CONSERVE ITALIA (Libertà newspaper)

An app to understand if the crop is well fed (ItaliaOggi newspaper)

From CONSERVE ITALIA commitment for the environment also in the private label (Italian Food Today magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA, at the fair increasing trend of 4,6%: focus on quality (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, increase in private label of 4,6% (Ristonews magazine)

Precision farming: environmental sustainability (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

"Reduced waste in the fields" (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

One billion for the safeguard of water resources (Avvenire newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, farming becomes high tech (Corriere di Bologna newspaper)

The initiative of CONSERVE ITALIA: precision farming, the commitment for safety (Cronache di Napoli newspaper)

CONSERVE, presented the results of the project on economic and corporate sustainability (Agrisole newspaper)

Until March on Masterchef Italia tomatoes pride of our territory (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA bets on precision farming (Ansa - Terra&Gusto - Mondo Agricolo agency)

Tomato for processing and fresh at the center of research (Fresh Plaza)

The "made in Mesagne" peeled tomato chosen in the most famous TV cooking competitions (La Gazzetta del Salento - Brindisi Lecce Taranto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA employs 3.000 people, 500 between Barbiano and Massa Lombarda (Corriere Romagna - Ravenna, Faenza, Lugo e Imola newspaper)

"Taxes on sugar and plastic for 20 million. Now we hope we do not have to fire" (Corriere Romagna - Ravenna, Faenza-Lugo e Imola newspaper)

New advanced production line for CONSERVE ITALIA (Largo Consumo magazine)

The authentic tomato for "MasterChef" competition comes from CONSERVE ITALIA (Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia - Brindisi newspaper)

"For YOGA juices, prices rise up to 35% due to the effect of plastic tax and sugar tax" (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

Fruit juices and peeled tomatoes now go by train: in this way 3.375 trucks disappear (L'Economia del Corriere della Sera magazine)

Families afflicted by bad weather. Help of Misericordia (La Nazione - Grosseto newspaper)

Misericordia donates store credits to the families (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

Integrating big data to boost omni-channel strategy (Il Sole 24 Ore - Stream 24 magazine)

"Now it is necessary to regulate the flow of Albegna river upstream" (La Nazione - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA: "The river is still a risk" (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA: «Carry out the works to regulate the flow of Albegna river» (Il Sole 24 Ore - Toscana24 magazine)

VALFRUTTA supports the Ior for the Casa della prevenzione (Il Resto del Carlino - Cesena newspaper)

Ior and VALFRUTTA allies against cancer in the future prevention laboratory (Corriere Romagna - Forlì e Cesena newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, Enzo Rossi retires and leaves the direction of the plant in Albinia after 34 years (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

Sugar Tax, Gardini's jab: "It should be cancelled. Risk of delocalization" (Corriere Ortofrutticolo magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA invests €7m in new tomato processing plant (European Supermarket Magazine)

The school complex will train experts in Mechatronic. Involved leader companies (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

Increasing export for CONSERVE ITALIA (L'Informatore Agrario magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA smiles thanks to the export (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

Increasing export and debts cut, approved the 2018-19 turnover of CONSERVE ITALIA (Con i frutti della terra - TRC)

CONSERVE ITALIA, open day at the plant in Ravarino (Mo) (Con i frutti della terra - TRC)

Needs and advantages of the vending sector according to CONSERVE ITALIA (Food Service magazine)

Agricultural framework: CONSERVE ITALIA (Italia Oggi newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, increasing export: debts cut of 300 million (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

In Ravarino new machinery producing 55 million units per year (Gazzetta di Modena newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, 896 million of group's revenues in 2018-2019 (Ansa - Terra & Gusto - Business agency)

CONSERVE ITALIA, the 2018-19 turnover withstands despite the crisis of domestic consumption (Agrisole - Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

A centre for health education at the ex-school in San Cristoforo (Corriere Romagna - Forlì e Cesena newspaper)

Tomato, export grows. Increasing automation (La Stampa newspaper)

Party for the tenth anniversary of Tera Seeds (Corriere Cesenate newspaper)

CIRIO grows in the Far East (L'Informatore Agrario magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA invests in a new tomato processing line (IEG Vu magazine)

The challenge of the food industry to duties: an high-tech plant for the export of briks of tomato (Italia Oggi magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA invests for tomato in brik (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA invests: maxi machinery for 7 million euros (Il Resto del Carlino - Modena newspaper)

The visit at the plant of CONSERVE ITALIA in Ravarino (Modena Today magazine)

YOGA wins the duel for the brand (Il Resto del Carlino Ravenna newspaper)

Massa Lombarda, the EU acknowledges the uniqueness of YOGA as name of fruit juice (Sette Sere magazine)

YOGA juices, a new radio advertising starts (Corriere Romagna - Ravenna, Faenza-Lugo e Imola newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA. The EU acknowledges the notoriety of the brand "Succhi YOGA" made in Massa Lombarda (Romagna Notizie magazine)

"Smartphones and satellites to cultivate" (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA is a big success in the Far East. Chinese tour at the plant in Pomposa (Il Resto del Carlino - Ferrara newspaper)

The red gold of Maremma (Tuscany): CONSERVE ITALIA in Albinia, a fly-wheel for the economy of the area (Toscana Oggi - Confronto magazine)

TERA SEEDS celebrated 10 years of activity (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

TERA SEEDS celebrates 10 years and 4 millions of turnover (Il Resto del Carlino - Cesena newspaper)

TERA SEEDS blowed out 10 candles (Corriere Romagna - Forlì e Cesena newspaper)

The seed company celebrates 10 years, almost 2 millions for equipment and research (Cesena Today magazine)

Multimodality for a greener logistics (Fresh Point Magazine)