CONSERVE ITALIA, with 4.0 agriculture the vegetables of the future are born #vocidellortofrutta (Fresh Point Magazine)

Three times sustainable Italian supply chain (Italia Più magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA presents the Sustainability Report (Gazzetta di Modena newspaper)

What a surprise from the wastes. Tomato skins transformed into energy and animal feed (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

Food takes the train of sustainability: the CONSERVE ITALIA case (Il Sussidiario newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA travels by train: “Doing more” (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

Rail transport doubled in the last ten years (Corriere Romagna - Rimini e San Marino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA managed 22% of its shipments by train (Supply Chain Italy magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: 3.500 tons of Pet saved in the last five years (Agrisole newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA attentive to the environment. Investments in ecological packaging (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

“Costs boom, a deal is needed” (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, one in 5 cans (22%) is shipped by train (Corriere della Sera - L'Economia newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA hopes for greater development of rail transport (Mark Up magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA chooses the train “but the obsolete network slows the cutting of 2500 trucks from the road” (La Stampa newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, a three times sustainable supply chain (Corriere Ortofrutticolo magazine)

Environment: CONSERVE ITALIA towards ecological packaging (Ansa agency)

CONSERVE ITALIA, the agent as an integral part of the company (Food Service magazine)

Peach fusicoccum, a problem in search of a solution (AgroNotizie magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: “Enhancing the production of Italian farmer members” (Largo Consumo magazine)

Nothing is thrown away from the juices, not even the sewage sludge (La Verità newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, 60 thousand tons of tomatoes collected (Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia – Brindisi newspaper)

Circular economy, CONSERVE ITALIA recovers 50 thousand tons (In Piazza magazine)

Reduction in the consumption of water and chemicals: mayor of Massa Lombarda at CONSERVE ITALIA to talk about sustainability (Ravenna Notizie magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA recovers tons of waste (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

New life for waste: CONSERVE ITALIA recovers 50.000 tons per year (Foodweb magazine)

New life for waste: CONSERVE ITALIA recovers over 50.000 tons a year (La Repubblica newspaper)

Andrea Colombo presents the sugar-free products of CONSERVE ITALIA at Cibus 2021 fair (Beverfood website)

Tomato for processing in the north: more color and dry substance (Fresh Plaza magazine)

Cibus fair, CONSERVE ITALIA: innovation and sustainable supply chain (Askanews agency)

Tomato: a good trend in Albinia. Battistoni visiting the plant (La Nazione - Grosseto newspaper)

Record-breaking tomato top brands. 74 thousand tons will be processed (Il Tirreno - Grosseto newspaper)

2021 vending sustainability report: CONSERVE ITALIA soc. coop. agricola (Vending Magazine)

All the well-being in the form of juice (Bargiornale magazine)

Eco-friendly strategy for YOGA and DERBY BLUE fruit juices (Food magazine)

Organic, regionality and made in Italy: present and future (Food magazine)

In safety there is more taste (QN Weekend - Il Resto del Carlino / La Nazione / Il Giorno newspaper)

Protection of historical Italian brands, the Amsi association established for the promotion (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

Horeca, CONSERVE ITALIA focuses on product culture (La Repubblica - Osserva Italia newspaper)

Tomato campaign: CONSERVE ITALIA hires 400 seasonal workers (Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia - Brindisi newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA hires 225 “seasonal” workers (La Nazione - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA employs over 500 seasonal workers (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

Tomato, 367 seasonal workers will be hired in Mesagne (Corriere del Mezzogiorno - Puglia e Matera newspaper)

1.300 seasonal workers hired. CONSERVE ITALIA's strategy (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA for Horeca with the new Progetto Difesa (Defense Project) range (Horeca News magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA supports the recovery of Horeca with “Progetto Difesa” (Defense Project) (Italian Food Today magazine)

Horeca, CONSERVE ITALIA supports the reopening with “Progetto Difesa” (Defense Project) (Corriere Ortofrutticolo magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA reveals its rail logistics inside and outside Italy (Supply Chain Italy website)

CONSERVE ITALIA, in this way we reduce the impact (Food magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: a three times sustainable supply chain (QN Economia&Lavoro newspaper)

Tomatoes, 72 thousand tons expected in Albinia (La Nazione – Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA: for the Tuscan tomato campaign at an all-time high (Myfruit magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA is "greener": the products travel by train (Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia - Brindisi newspaper)

As nature creates, CONSERVE ITALIA exports (Distribuzione Moderna magazine)

From fruit to milk the cooperative is once again the protagonist (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, also sustainability is growing (La Nazione - Grosseto newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, half a century on the tables. Ok to historical brands of national interest (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

The export of CONSERVE ITALIA travels more and more by train (Libertà newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA exports on trains to improve sustainability (Gazzetta di Modena newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA bets on trains (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

Thanks to CIRIO Mesagne among the plants of the "historical brands of national interest" (La Gazzetta del Salento - Brindisi Lecce Taranto newspaper)

YOGA and the other brands of CONSERVE ITALIA are now part of the historical register (Il Nuovo Diario Messaggero magazine)

YOGA, from Massa Lombarda to the "historical brand" (Il Resto del Carlino - Ravenna newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA, Rosetti: "Half of our products moved by train" (La Repubblica - Economia & Finanza magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA brands included in special register of Italian historical brands (IHS Markit magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA: 4 coop brands in the Register of the historic ones (Avvenire newspaper)

CIRIO, YOGA, DERBY and JOLLY become «historical brands of national interest» (Corriere della Sera - L'Economia magazine)

AFDB: specialized training in the Horeca sector (GBI Distributori di Idee magazine)

JOLLY COLOMBANI is now a "historic brand" (Il Resto del Carlino - Ferrara newspaper)

CIRIO, YOGA, DERBY and JOLLY registered in the Register of historical brands (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

"We are the story (at the table)" (Il Resto del Carlino newspaper)

CIRIO is confirmed as the top Italian brand in the United Kingdom (Food magazine)

CONSERVE ITALIA donates food products to Volontari di strada (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)

Exploit of CONSERVE ITALIA: Apulian tomato conquers England (Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia - Brindisi newspaper)

VALFRUTTA, it is a return to the future (Il Resto del Carlino - Ravenna newspaper)

United Kingdom, CIRIO beats Brexit: + 48% in tomato sales (and Covid has nothing to do with it) (Corriere della Sera - L'Economia newspaper)

Brexit: CIRIO sales are growing in the UK, top Italian brand (ANSA - Terra&Gusto - Business agency)

Focus on the Apulian tomato to process it immediately on site (La Gazzetta del Salento - Brindisi Lecce Taranto newspaper)

"CONSERVE ITALIA" plan: investments in Salento (Apulia) (Nuovo Quotidiano Brindisi newspaper)

CONSERVE ITALIA consolidates its presence in Salento (Apulia). The associated farmers are increasing (Alimentando magazine)

Tomato, CONSERVE ITALIA bets on Salento (Apulia) (Italiafruit News magazine)

Peaches, their story traceable with the mobile phone (Il Resto del Carlino - Forlì newspaper)

Tomatoes for processing, recovery after years of crisis (Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper)

Life, death and miracles of peaches. Their origin is in a "Qr code" (Il Resto del Carlino - Imola newspaper)

Rotary Club Faenza donates 3 thousand euros in shopping vouchers to Caritas to support families in difficulty (Ravenna Notizie magazine)

Conserve Italia adds traceability to its peach products (Securing Industry magazine)

The peach supply chain on the table? You can consult it by framing the QR Code on the label (Il Resto del Carlino - Ravenna newspaper)

VALFRUTTA promotes traceability of peach supply chain (European Supermarket Magazine)

With a Qr-code you enjoy Romagna while eating a good peach (Corriere Romagna - Rimini e San Marino newspaper)

VALFRUTTA and traceability: 100% peach with the Qr code (La Nuova Ferrara newspaper)