2018 Press Reviews Company

Conserve Italia focuses on the environment: “Multi-modal transport, less water and lighter packaging” (Il Giorno)

Conserve Italia revenues increase in South East Asia (La Nazione Grosseto)

Conserve Italia focuses on South East Asia with tomato products (La Nuova Ferrara)

Conserve Italia opens its doors to students from the ITIP Bucci technical and professional institute (Corriere di Romagna)

Conserve Italia reduces bottle weight (Il Resto del Carlino Modena)

Conserve Italia, less plastic and more recycling (Il Giornale)

Less plastic in Valfrutta, Yoga and Derby bottles (www.setteserequi.it)

Agrofood Bic, the food start-up company accelerator starts operating (Il Sole 24 Ore)

Conserve Italia, less plastic and more recycling (La Nuova del Sud)

Agrofood Business Innovation Center. The multi corporate accelerator starts up (Avvenire)

“I’ll lend you my factory”. The Granarolo & Co. club. (Corriere della Sera Economia)

A “green” choice for Conserve Italia with the new packaging (Gazzetta di Modena)

Less plastic, lighter and recyclable packaging (Corriere Romagna)

Conserve Italia, the packaging is eco-friendly (Corriere Bologna)

Conserve Italia, more eco-compatible fruit juices (QN-Quotidiano Nazionale)

Conserve Italia, 20% less plastic for fruit juice bottles (www.ansa.it)

Restyling of the brick pack for the legendary “juice” product (Corriere Romagna)

“Guaranteed prices and multi-year agreements with farmers” (Corriere Romagna)

With production chain agreements, fruit prices are established beforehand (www.freshplaza.it)

Food Collection Day. It is also possible to donate on line (Corriere Romagna)

Conserve Italia grows and invests. The new glass range is on its way (Il Tirreno)

Conserve Italia's finacial year results driven by exports (Foodnews)

Over 400 thousand quintals of corn processed in Alseno (Libertà)

Conserve Italia grows overseas: “Full steam ahead for tomato and Bio products” (Il Resto del Carlino)

“More research and a social vision for a sustainable future” (Corriere della Sera)

Conserve Italia cuts down on plastic packaging (Corriere Ortofrutticolo)

Conserve Italia wins over the Ethiopian delegation (Unione Notizie)

Conserve Italia, the start of sustainable fruit and vegetable production (Tuttogreen, La Stampa)

Conserve Italia supports the non-profit sector (Avvenire Bologna)

Conserve Italia, 700 tons of products donated (Il Resto del Carlino)

Juver, empresa pionera en seguridad y salud laboral a nivel internacional (La Verdad)

Documentary on tomatoes, German TV crew filming in Pomposa (Il Resto del Carlino)

Conserve Italia on video. Germans film-makers film the secrets of tomatoes (La Nuova Ferrara)

Preserves increase, but not the machinery: recovery of agriculture is not uniform (Avvenire)

Conserve Italia hires 1,200 seasonal workers (Il Resto del Carlino)

Conserve Italia, 100 new recruits for tomato products in Ravarino (Gazzetta di Modena)

Conserve Italia invests another million in "red gold" (Il Tirreno)

Conserve Italia grows, the damage from the floods is just a bad memory (La Nazione)

Conserve Italia hires 460 people in Pomposa (La Nuova Ferrara)

Made in Maremma" TV special on the plant in Albinia (Gr)

Valsoia and Conserve Italia, an agreement on tomato products (various newspapers)

Valsoia sells the Pomodorissimo brand to Conserve Italia (Il Resto del Carlino)

Valsoia – Conserve Italia: partnership agreement on Pomodorissimo

Increasingly sustainable agricultural systems. The commitment of Conserve Italia (Ortofrutta Notizie)

Conserve Italia focuses on the traceable production chain (Il Resto del Carlino)

Conserve Italia assigns advertising media to Life (Pubbli.com Now!)

“Castel Crescente” award given to the Conserve Italia locomotive (Gazzetta Modena)

Juices, Conserve Italia is focusing on natural and organic products (Italia Oggi)

Conserve Italia, open day at the Barbiano di Cotignola production site (Corriere di Romagna)

Barbiano, over one thousand visitors to the open day at the brand's "core" production site (Il Resto del Carlino Ravenna)

The healthy integrated production chain: interview with Andrea Colombo and Diego Pariotti (Food)

Conserve Italia, new supplementary agreement signed (various newspapers)

Conserve Italia signs the agreement: “An extra 200 Euro for employees” (Il Resto del Carlino)

Tariffs on foodstuffs, the sector is on alert (Il Corriere di Bologna)

We import Chinese tomatoes, but Beijing does not want (Libero)ours

Sales are increasing, the future is organic and sugar-free (Il Resto del Carlino)

Conserve Italia at Marca 2018 brings the value of the quality chain (Fresh Point Magazine)

Conserve Italia continues the positive trend in private brands (Mark Up)

Conserve Italia on display in booths at Marca Salone (La Nuova Ferrara)

Conserves France consolidates headquarters at its Tarascon processing site (Tomato News)

The agreement between Coop Colombare and Conserve Italia continues (L'Arena)