2017 Press Reviews Company

Even better results for the 2016/2017 financial statements (In Piazza)

“Stronger thanks to new products and foreign trade” (Il Resto del Carlino)

This is how Conserve Italia applies precision agriculture (Terra e Vita)

Conserve Italia bets on Cotti a Vapore (steamed food) (Food & Beverage)

Conserve Italia invests in vegetable picking (Ortofrutta Notizie)

Codigoro, Conserve Italia wishes to build a plant (La Nuova Ferrara)

Conserve Italia promotes healthy eating choices (Ortoftutta Notizie)

Conserve Italia at the forefront for healthy food choices (In Piazza)

Conserves France, une petite part d' Italie dans la conserve francaise (Unilet infos n. 154)

The work of Conserve Italia starts from the cultivation (Terra e vita)