2015 Press Reviews

Conserve Italia signs a distribution agreement with Woolworths, the Australian big retail chain (Largo Consumo)

Conserve Italia: strong roots and unstoppable momentum toward the future (Italia Più)

Water, a natural and economic resource. Interview with Mr. Pietro Crudele, responsible for enviromental management of Conserve Italia (Espansione)

The project for a fresh apricots' puree is at the start (In Piazza)

Pier Paolo Rosetti is the new General Director of Conserve Italy: "More links between products and territories and we want grow up abroad" (Il Resto del Carlino)

Conserve Italia: an  Oscar for the balance sheet (Panorama Tabloid)

Conserve Italia signs a distribution agreement with Woolworths, the Australian big retail chain (various news)

Interview with Pierpaolo Rosetti - Conserve Italia expands the boundaries (Il Resto del Carlino)

Conserve Italia and Colavita are allies overseas (Ortofrutta Notizie)

Cooperation grinds results and the agrifood business takes off (Avvenire)

Great finalncial figures for Conserve Italia: general satisfaction before the official Balance Sheets (La Nuova Ferrara)

Cooperatives so strong to ricover Cirio Brand after Cragnotti default (Corriere di Bologna)

Maurizio Gardini. Italian sounding in a can (Corriere di Bologna)

Northern Italy: the industry continues to improve in coherence and transparency (Tomato News)

Conserve Italia chooses the voluntary declaration of origin for Valfrutta's products (Food Industria)

From tomatoes preserves to olive oil, export agreements are booming (Avvenire)

Some articles about the tomato's 2015 campaign, processed in Pomposa's plant (various news)

"We react to the crisis with innovation and exports". Interview with Maurizio Gardini, President of Conserve Italia (Il Resto del Carlino)

Conserve Italia is main sponsor of Cascina Triulza Padillion at the Expo (Ortofrutta Notizie)

A sustainable agronomic supply chain for Conserve Italia (Ortofrutta notizie)

Conserve Italia will grow in China and in the Middle East (La Stampa)

Press review about the participation of Conserve Italia to the Expo 2015 (various news)

Valfrutta is launching the Organic Sieved and Chopped Tomatoes (Allfoodonline.com)

Valfrutta enters the organic market with a line estension (Gdoweek.it)

Conserve Italia gains markets shares with new products, in domestic and foreign markets. Good sales performance in the 2014/15 financial year (Il Resto del Carlino)

Innovative promotions: e-couping. Interview with Federico Cappi, marketing director (Largo Consumo)

Conserve Italia grows up on domestic and foreign markets (Ortofrutta Notizie)

Conserve Italia, boom for export sales in February (Affari e Finanza)

The sustainability in the cooperative Conserve Itala. Interview with Pietro Crudele

A strong impulse to the legumes cultivation from Conserve Italia (In Piazza)

Conserve Italia, quality and innovation for foodservice business (Edizioni. Catering, n. 25)

Agricultural coop in the EU: 8 Italian in the top 100 (Il Giornale di Vicenza)

Nobody touh the label. Make it again compulsory the indication of the plant of production on the label (La Repubblica)

Fully integrated supply chain "from seeds to tables". If you play it right, then success occurs (Il Resto del Carlino)