2018 Press Reviews
Products & Brands

Conserve Italia is gambling on vegetable juices (Italia Oggi newspaper)

Less plastic and glass in the environment: Valfrutta, Yoga and Cirio reduce packaging (www.ilsalvagente.it)

Cirio, ready-made sauces with peeled tomatoes from Puglia (Food)

Cirio Alta Cucina becomes a supplier of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (the Real Neapolitan Pizza Association) (Qualitaly Magazine)

Giuseppe Cardone chooses the quality of Cirio Alta Cucina (Italia a Tavola)

Cirio tomatoes win over everyone, from British TV to Neapolitan pizza chefs (In Piazza)

Corn, a positive 2018 campaign for Valfrutta (Ortofrutta Notizie)

Valfrutta extends the range of ready to serve steamed products (Food)

Bitter Salfa, a blast from the past (Il Resto del Carlino)

Valfrutta Fresh Products among the protagonists at the Fico Trade Fair in Bologna (Il Resto del Carlino)

Valfrutta, the Brand Award for continual innovation (Cronaca dell’Economia)

Orto InClasse (vegetables in the classroom), Valfrutta's commitment to prevention (In Piazza)

Valfrutta chooses lifeguards for communication (Il Resto del Carlino Rimini)

Sea Rescue Service on social media: we are from Rimini, and we were born ready (Corriere Romagna)

Milano Marittima, a new edition of “Running In” is on the way (Il Resto del Carlino Ravenna)

TuttoPizza Expo, Cirio Alta Cucina holds two due master classes (Italia a Tavola)

Health and prevention, five schools are participating in the “Orto in classe” competition of Ior and Valfrutta (Il Resto del Carlino Ravenna)

“Red night” tomato flavoured event at the Scappi catering institute (Il Resto del Carlino)

Valfrutta juices, Yoga and Derby. Cooperation becomes the leader. “We anticipate the new trends” (Il Resto del Carlino)

Yoga L’Arte del 100% juices: a masterpiece (Ortofrutta Notizie magazine)

Yoga presents L’Arte del 100% and fruit juice becomes a masterpiece

YOGA L'Arte del 100% arrives in cafés, the fruit juice is a masterpiece (Conserve Italia Newsletter)