Press release 2016

Cuor di Pelato, the new range of Salse Pronte (Ready Sauces) CIRIO, give away dinners or wellness coupons with the contest "Today Follow your heart?"

VALFRUTTA BIO, all the goodness of organic fruits in the new line of juices

YOGA widens the range of 100% fruit juice: the intense flavor of nature in a drink

CONSERVE ITALIA, members' meeting approves the financial statements. The results and financial position continue to improve

DERBY BLUE sponsors Disturbo, the entertaining photography marathon through the historical parts of our cities

"The Fruttamici", new VALFRUTTA juices in glass bottles, are coming

"The friends of the forest" are the joyful protagonists of the new collection from VALFRUTTA Triangolini

Exports, with “Ciao Gusto”, Italy's major food producers have scored in the UK for online sales

Employment, CONSERVE ITALIA takes on 1,170 seasonal workers for the tomato campaign

Commercial partnership for CONSERVE ITALIA and RIOMARE, to approach vending machines market segment

VALFRUTTA “COTTI A VAPORE” (steam cooked range) changes design and puts on show brand values

BOLOGNA: CEFA ONLUS and DERBYBLUE run together an African tribute into the botanic gardens

CIRIO presents the new line 'SALSE PRONTE': the excellence of peeled plum tomatoes at the bases of the new range of pasta sauces

YOGA "toasts" to 70 years of success with two new juices limited edition fruit and celebrates the Pink Night

VALFRUTTA BIO juices at next edition of Baritalia Hub, Milan June 13th-14th

DERBY BLUE and YOGA are protagonist at the Bologna Festival Biografilm

Private label: quality, reliability and innovation are the winning strategies from Conserve Italia

Innovation strengthens the leadership of Conserve Italia in  Horeca channells in the Horeca world

VALFRUTTA, new communication to strengthen the distinctiveness of an Italian cooperative brand

The sun, the sea and the wind of Salento in the new special edition of DERBY BLUE

DERBY BLUE is a partner of Planet One, a leader Italian network in training barmen and bartenders

The tomato quality of CIRIO ALTA CUCINA tange has been protagonist of  2016 Italian Cuisine FIC Championships

The CIRIO peeled tomatoes and tomato sauces and pulps win the 2016 Quality Award

Exports, continuing boom for CIRIO products in the UK, up by 20% in the last year

VALFRUTTA BIO's juices, the organic fruit range: nature and wellness at the bar

CONSERVE ITALIA Food Service in the forefront at Rhex at RiminiFiere from 23 to 27 January