Conserve Italia Group is one of Europe’s largest agri-food industry companies with an aggregate turnover of 894 million Euro in the last commercial year (consolidated turnover of 848 million Euro), it is the leader in its field. The Group processes approximately 600,000 tonnes of raw materials every year; fruit, vegetables and tomatoes, grown over a surface area of over 20,000 hectares, with over one million tonnes of finished goods which are packaged in 11 production plants; 8 in Italy, 2 in France and 1 in Spain.

The company has 1,335 full time employees and there are approximately 1,437 temporary workers (average number of the accounting year) for the harvesting and processing period.
Approximately 50% of the production is sold in Italy and the remaining 50% in Europe and other countries.

Conserve Italia Group's turnover by company:

- Conserve Italia, 670.7 million Euro (75.0%)
- Conserves France, 79.4 million Euro (8.9%)
- Juver Alimentación, 135.8 million Euro (15.3%)
- Tera Seeds, 4,5 million Euro (0.5%)
- Conserve Italia USA Corporation, 3,4 million Euro (0.4%)

The sales of juices and fruit drinks represente the 40% of Goup's turnover, followed by the tomato products with 26%, canned vegetables with 24% and by canned fruit with 6%. Other products (jams, ready meals and fresh cut vegetables) cover the remaining 4%.

Conserve Italia Group’s brand policy has always constituted one of the strategic guidelines and today the branded sales (Valfrutta, Yoga, Derby Blue, Cirio, Juver, Jolly Colombani) represent about 68% of the total turnover; the remaining business being made up of sales for own label and products for industry. Conserve Italia has developed a consolidated relationship with all the major retail chains; representing approximately 65% of its turnover. The Ho.Re.Ca. channel (Hotel, Restaurants and Cafés) is also an important channel, especially for beverages as well as for the Foodservice lines.


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